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Who am I?

Hi, My Name is Florie, I was born in the South of France and have been living in Zurich for 10 years.

I started practicing yoga when I arrived in Switzerland and haven't stopped ever since! I am now a certified 2OOH RYS Hatha Yoga but also a Yin, Aerial and SUP Yoga Teacher.

People come to yoga mainly for two reasons: to strengthen their body and to gain in flexibility.

But Yoga for me, is also about slowing down your rhythm of life; taking the time to take care of yourself during a class, leaving deeply relaxed, with a refreshed and balanced body and mind.

People coming to my classes can expect a relaxing and friendly atmosphere with ample room for a challenging practice inspired by different yoga styles (Hatha, Yin, Aerial and Acro Yoga). I like to create a space for a deep practice, for ongoing improvement. Every movement and breath allows one to go deeper into the poses while feeling supported and safe. I like to bring one’s awareness and focus into the details and the beauty of the journey, regardless of the destination.

My students describe me as enthusiastic and passionate, easy going and flexible but at the same time, giving enough motivation and push to bring them towards their limits in a fun way.

I mostly teach in English. I can guide you in German, Spanish and French as well.

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She brings a lot of joy during the sessions

“The personal way Flo gives me classes is important to me because along the sessions, she knows me always better, she sees my improvements😉, and decide where to go next time, what kind of training I need. She is a dynamic girl and bring a lot of joy during the sessions.

— Lea Nicolas, private-classes student